Canonical's New Ubuntu Smartphone is the Meizu MX4

Canonical's third Ubuntu powered smartphone is about to be released tomorrow in Europe market and this time around the device is from the Chinese company Meizu, the Meizu MX4 to be exact. It is actually the same MX4 device that was modified to run the Ubuntu operating system. Another thing is, the device has been available to developers in China since May.

There is a catch though, ala OnePlus style, that users who want to buy one should get an invite from Canonical. How you get an invite? According to Cristian Parrino, Canonical's Vice President of Mobile, those who want to get one would need to click on "an interactive origami wall" on Meizu's english website and pray that they will be few of the lucky ones to get the invite. Another catch is, the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition will only be released in Europe.

Key specs we can find on the MX4 are a massive 5.4-inch display with resolution of 1152 x 1920 with 418ppi,  1.7GHz octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal non-expandable storage and a 20.7MP rear facing cameras.

If you get the invite, you can purchase one of the Ubuntu-powered edition of Meizu MX4 for €299.


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