No More 140-Character Limit in Twitter's Direct Messaging

It's no dispute that online-based messaging services, different app messenger providers are continuing to dominate the internet space and that is due to the ever growing number of users who are switching from the traditional cellular-based messaging providers to the mobile messaging apps like Facebook messenger, SnapChat, Line, Kakao Talk, Viber and so many others. Twitter announced via a blog post that they are joining the party by revealing that they will soon be removing the 140-character limit from the Twitter app's Direct Messaging feature.

Twitter is not a stranger to the private messaging scene, the DM or direct message feature has been there for years now and has already grown to have other DM-related functions like group messaging and DM another Twitter user without the need to follow each other anymore. However, until sometime in July of this year, the 140-character limit has been implemented which sometimes can be found a bit inconvenient and annoying especially is a user has so much to say to the other recipient.

It is going to be a very helpful update especially to all faithful Twitter users from across the globe. Unfortunately, public and private tweets will remain at 140 letters limit at a time.

Source: Twitter

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