[Photos] Yamaha Philippines Launches the All-New Tricity Scooter in Davao City

The new Yamaha Tricity scooter has finally arrived in the city of Davao and to pump up the excitement, Yamaha Philippines held a Grand Test Drive event at SM City Davao Parking Lot C last Saturday with the attendance of the club members, media, and the general public. This opportunity let us know more about the Yamaha-Exclusive Leaning Multi-Wheel system of the LMW which allows two front wheels to adjust independently to different road conditions.

It was a 2-day (Saturday and Sunday) event where Yamaha even set up a custom track around SM's parking area that mimics most of the road conditions in the Philippines, this is to illustrate how the Tricity's mechanism works especially the two wheels in front when run over these road conditions. I was not able to try the Tricity due to a lot of people who were lining up and trying to take their chance and experience this LMW scooter, but the way I saw them ride across the track, the Tricity looks very easy and enjoyable to ride and does not take too much balancing effort compared to the two-wheeled ones we are familiar with.

Below is a video from Yamaha captured during their special inauguration at SM Mall of Asia.

Since I was at the Davao Leg event and I had my phone with me, I took every opportunity to take photos of the whole happenings.

Some NFFs (New-Found Friends) met at the event.

I really wanted to take one of these babies home, kung wala lang nakatingin e LOL : )

Other Yamaha products on display


I hate myself, I forgot this Davao-based DJ's name

Opening remarks from Sales and Marketing Director Mr. Kaoru Ogura

Yes, that's Gerald Anderson who joined us at the event. Gerald also tried the Tricity scooter on the track.

There he is riding the Tricity and being interviewed to share his experience with the Yamaha Tricity.

Gerald Anderson fans and media taking pictures of him (including me hehe ) after the test drive and he's heading to one of the set up booths to register as the new member of the Yamaha Club

Some chit chat time with Gerald Anderson with the hosts of the day. Forgive me the video above is not in landscape mode. Di na mauulit, : )

The Yamaha Tricity was conceptualized with the idea of it being “Smart for All”, a creation that was in pursuit of “Refined Dynamism”, Yamaha’s own design philosophy. The design elements of the machine reflect its modernity and elegance, giving an impression of dynamic movement, a look of confident intelligence that beautifully envelops the rider. The feature point of this New Commuter Vehicle is the LMW mechanism or Leaning Multi Wheel, a mechanism that allows two front wheels to deal with changes in different road surfaces while keeping both tires in contact with the road as it leans. Its function is perfected because of the harmonious integration of 2 key systems.

1. PARALLELOGRAM LINK, a system that allows the parallel leaning of two front wheels and separate functioning of independent suspensions.

2. CANTILEVERED TELESCOPIC SUSPENSION for the two front wheels with unique machine dimensions and geometry.

It also has a Unified Braking System (UBS). When the rear brake lever is applied, force is administered to the front two discs and single rear disc. Additionally, it sports a displacement of 125 cc and is available in all 3s shops nationwide with the suggested retail price of PHP 146,000 and comes in matte red or white.

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