Rovio is Back with the New Angry Birds Fight

It's been a while since we heard a latest game release from Rovio, but today this Finland-based company is back with another and new installment to their popular pigs-vs-birds mobile game, the Angry Birds Fight. It is now available on Google Play to download.

Just like most of Rovio's games, the Angry Burds Fight is free to download and play with in-app purchase features. Rovio is known for doing exclusive collaboration with other big names in different industries like movies for the Rio ones and Star Wars and science for Angry Birds Space just to name a few. This eleventh version of the franchise is no exception to that, Rovio teamed up with a Japanese company called Kiteretsu Inc to bring this "Fight" into life. Check out the clip below to give you a quick idea of how the gameplay works.

The truth is the Angry Birds Fight has been on soft launch for several months now in limited markets but it was just very recently when it became available globally.

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