I Subscribed to Globe GoSakto with Unli Instagram, All Worked Okay But Not Instagram

I just wanted to share my experience subscribing to Globe GoSakto prepaid promo with free Instagram access for one day.

So we were going on a 1-day summer getaway with my colleagues for the very first time. As you can imagine, all of us were so excited for that day to come, however not everybody was able to join us due to schedule conflicts and some other reasons they did not have control of. Luckily I was able to join the "Team Building" event as we call it and just promised to those officemates that I would post real time photos from the event on my Instagram account for them to check out in real time or as they happen.

I am a Globe user, but not the postpaid one, just prepaid. 

Now to fulfill my promise to these good folks of mine, I decided to register to a Globe prepaid promo that would give me unlimited access to Instagram for that whole day which should include, browsing others' photos, liking, commenting as well as my main purpose, uploading images. Below is what I had when I subscribed.

1. MyPhone Rio smartphone (First Gen)
2. Php30.00 worth of prepaid load
3. Samal Island, in Davao (Location of the team building event)

And this is how I registered (step by step) on my phone using the *143# dial number.

1. Called *143#
2. Selected GoSakto
3. Then opted for the New GoUNLI20 ( see screenshot shown below before I was able to subscribe)

I selected "Subscribe now!" by punching in the correspondent number "1" and below was the next screen.

Subscription comfirmation message was sent a couple of seconds after.

So far all the things I had done went through smoothly. I was able to make calls and texts to all of my friends who use Globe and TM. But when I got there at the site which was at Costa Marina resort, started taking photos of the beautiful place with ourselves and I tried my first attempt to upload on Instagram, the problem started.

The Instagram app itself would pull up with some of users' posts on the feeds but not recent. Those feeds I saw were from the last time access the IG app using a WiFi connection, so it was not working or connecting to the internet via Globe 3G/HSPA+ connection. I know my phone and how to connect to the internet using a cellular connection by heart so I knew everything was perfectly set up from activating the data connection for Globe, choosing the right APN settings from Globe and all those stuff, still not connecting.

I thought maybe because I just turned the data and it might take some time to fully connect to the web and start updating my Instagram feeds and eventually would et me upload the first photo I was itching to post for my friends to see. I gave it about an hour, and still said "upload failed, try again" or something similar to it with the refresh and X icons sitting next to the error message.

To make the story short, calls and texts features worked fine as expected but I was not able to use my Instagram account the whole time, was never able to "heart" a single photo, post a comment and some other things I should be able to do when successfully connected. It was a complete failure and waste of money, I just didn't know it if was my device's fault, the location I was at, the local cell towers or I was just so unfortunate that I was the only one experiencing it that day. Then I woke up this morning with the message below in my inbox.

This was not the first time I subscribed to a promo with online access from Globe, I have tried the GoSurf prepaid promos with free Facebook and those were perfectly working, Facebook-uploaded photos and videos were most of the time loading fine and I have been using the same MyPhone Rio smartphone.

I want o know if I was the only one. Did you encounter the same problem or it worked for you all fine using the same promo from Globe? Please share your experience below, we would love to hear it.   


  1. Experiencing this now. Globe support takes too long to respond and before you know it your subscription has expired. SMH

  2. Sama din experience ko..ni re reklamo ko sa twitter acct nila pero la.pang resolution

  3. Sama din experience ko..ni re reklamo ko sa twitter acct nila pero la.pang resolution

  4. globe are a bunch of corupt stealing company idiots that promise the world but never deliver! they suck you in to get your money peso. thats all they want! your peso! once they have that from you then well. they dont give a rats arse about you or your internet working or promises they make. wankers! all the people in the philippines that use globe should change to another provider and that will fuck them in the arse. wankers! enough said.

  5. Me too. And it was worth P34.00. Gosh! What a waste. -_-

  6. Ako nga tangina kagabi 60 peso for 7 days, pagpunta ko sa Instagram "Could not refresh feed" meaning wala tlgang net. PAKYO GLOBE!!!!!!!

  7. Nagregister ako unli instagram. Kala ko ok na, but still, 100mb lng nagamit ko sa IG. Tas,wala na. Yung unli nila 100mb lng.juskoooooo gloooobe.2017 na.enebeyen.

  8. Ako din unli IG dw for 2days Maya Maya my ngttxt 84 MB nlng dw ntitira e dB unli nga kainis ang globe

  9. Ako din unli IG dw for 2days Maya Maya my ngttxt 84 MB nlng dw ntitira e dB unli nga kainis ang globe

  10. Globe unli IG isn't totally unlimited!

    I called Globe earlier and asked why only 60mb is left from my gotscombodd70 promo i registered just 3 days ago knowing i only use IG (and im simultaneously subscribed to their reward promo INSTAG7D) and i do very little browsing on facebook.

    Per Globe's CSR, the social media allocation: unli fb, ig etc. that comes with their promo is limited to only 100mb per day. Meaning to say if you exceed that 100mb in a day guised as "UNLI", it will now count against your other current data promo or worse, your regular load! Good job Globe, good job! 👿👿👿

  11. di ba they should be sued for this. this is clearly falsification.. NTE do something.. bagal na nga ng net ganito pa service.. dang..