The New Braven BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker Lands Locally

Many calls it the Swiss Army knife of speakers due to its features and ability to be integrated with other Braven-made accessories to add more fuctionality and experience to this little music buddy. The ultra-rugged modular bluetooth speaker Braven BRV-PRO has just reached the Philippine market.

First of all, since the speaker bears the "rugged" description, this means it is more useful for outdoor users or people who love to go outside and be adventurous. This world's first modular speaker is designed for the most audacious outdoor enthusiasts. It has the durability to withstand all of the most extreme adventures, power to blast HD music in any environment and the accessories to adapt to the users' surroundings and activities. 

Thanks to its IPX7 certification, without it, this one of the well-loved buetooth speakers won't be dust, drop and water proof as it is. Very rugged and durable. 

In addition to producing loud and ultra-HD sound, the Braven BRV-PRO can also do other things like charging your smartphone, tablet and other USB-equipped rechargeable devices via its built-in 2,200mAh battery. That power alone can stand up to 20 hours of music playback. And if its battery juice is not enough you can also have a BRV Battery Pack sporting a 3,800mAh power making sure you have your music playing from sun up to sup down. See other useful and must-have accessories below.

The following BRV-PRO accessories make this speaker do things beyond blasting your favorite songs. 

1. BRV Battery Pack = Double your music and charging power with 3800mAh powerbank.
2. BRV Solar Panel = Harness the power and energy of the Sun to endlessly charge your device and play your music.
3. BRV Stacking Plate = Multiply the power and sound of your BRV-PRO by simply placing one above the other.
4. BRV Glow Deck = Enhance the ambiance of your tent or campsite with an LED panel to illuminate the night.
5. BRV Action Mount = GoPro compatible action mount makes listening to music easy when surfing, riding, driving and more.

The Braven BRV-Pro bluetooth speaker is already available in the Philippines for Php6,750, however the availability date and pricing for the accessories are still to be announced by Braven. Watch the video below to see this device in action.

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