[Updated] Asus "100 Days of Zen" Gives You a Chance to Win ZenFone 2 Smartphone

Asus is about to launch a new campaign in partnership with Robert Jahns who is one of the world's leading digital artists via #100DaysOfZen and it gives every participant a chance to win a ZenFone 2 smartphone. Not only that, it also gives us a look at the amazing photos a ZenFone 2 can produce, hence "See what others can't see" tagline for the smartphone.

The stunning image above was posted by Asus Philippines on their Facebook page today without giving so much information about the new campaign. That being said, I tried to do some digging on the internet and I was lucky enough to find some minor details about the "100 Days of Zen". It will be launched tomorrow July 7, 2015 and will (I think) run for the next 100 days and every day a brand new Asus ZenFone 2 will be given away. And then I found a video, which I embedded below, from the Asus Facebook page (non-Philippines), kindly watch it and learn more about the contest. 

100 Days of Zen
Few more days before the start of #100DaysOfZen. Here is how to join for a chance to WIN a new #ZenFone 2:http://www.asus.com/campaign/zenfone2/#zenfone-2#SeeWhatOthersCantSee
Posted by ASUS on Friday, July 3, 2015

Basic mechanics as per video above:

1. Download one of Robert's photos at http://bit.ly/100DaysOfZen
2. Add your own touch to it (Keep it G-rated)
3. Hashtag your creation with #100DaysOfZen and post it online

Now keep in mind that since this campaign is not official until tomorrow, so this means we'll have to wait for Asus' formal announcement and to also learn more about it. Once I get new details, it's either I will create a new post or just update this one.

UPDATE: JUL.8.2015

Asus has officially announced the 100 Days of Zen. Everything I said above was correct with additional information below especially about how winners will be selected and about a grand prize that awaits the 99 winners. Read on below.

- Over the course of the initiative, 100 winners will be announced in total with a different winner selected every day for 99 days and 1 grand prize winner.

- Daily Prizes: the 99 winners will have their photo creation showcased on the 100 Days of Zen website. Each of these winners will win their very own ZenFone 2.

- Grand Prize: Out of the 99 daily winners, Robert will personally pick his favorite, who will be invited to join him in a special location to collaborate on a composition as part of the See What Others Can’t See Photo Series.

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