Want to Know Who Unfriended You on Facebook? There's Now an App for That

Who Deleted Me on Facebook is the name of the app I am referring to in the title of this post and it does exactly what the name says, and a few more.

So you were just doing your Facebook stuff like browsing latest updates from your friends, liking, commenting and doing some few uploads then you suddenly realized one or some of your FB friends who frequently post status just don't post update anymore, you checked their profile to see when was the last time they made an update and to your shock you saw the "Friends" button now saying "Add as Friend". Of what if you just saw that your number of friends is now fewer than the last time you saw it, did someone unfriend you or just deleted their account? If you want to know who they are, then the Who Deleted Me on Facebook is just what you need.

Of course some or many of us don't really want to know who among our friends have digitally dumped us, but there are users who still want to know who exactly they are. And sometimes I found myself being one of those I-don't-want-to-know and those of I-want-to-know people so at some point I will definitely need this app.

When you download the app to your iOS or Android device or even to your Chrome browser as an extension, it will initially create the list of your current friends on Facebook and then from time to time monitor any changes that may occur from then forward. When someone from your friends on the social site removed you or unfriended you, the next time you check the WDMoF app it will show you the list of those friend-no-more peeps of yours. It can also be set up to notify you everytime it detects an unfriend action.

Furthermore, the app will be also able to tell you which among those users, apart from who unfriended you, who actually deactivated their accounts as well as who your new friends are. However, it is not clear yet if the app can also tell you if someone "blocked" and "unfollowed" you. I still have to check that myself. There is just one turn off, the WDMoF app is not capable of tracking those friends who removed you before the app was installed to your device, which is pretty understandable.

Source: The Next Web

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