Terminator Salvation (My Movie Review)

Last week I did watch this Terminator Salvation being starred by Christian Bale as John Connor, the actor who played Bruce Wayne as Batman in the "Dark knight". For me, this movie was executed very good. I was able to feel the presence and threath of having terminators roaming around the barren wasteland. I felt the feeling of being one of those people surviving and fighting for survival and revival of the human race.

It;s just that I am not really familiar with the whole story of terminator series so I didn't really enjoy the story that much. I was able to watch those previous terminator movies when I was very youngman but I did not really understand it because I was really tiny child those times hehehehe.

Everything in this movie was great especially the effects and cinematography. The pacing of this movie is not that good but not bad and just ok and musical score was also good and very relevant to every scene.

My favorite scene was when Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as one of the terminator or robot as what I can decribe, for me that scene made the movie worth watching at least :-) , I do not know about you but that the Terminator Salvation goes to me hehehe.

One thing I noticed is that terminators are not that many in this movie, you can hardly see they come together or in group or even in pair. I expected this movie and the era is being already colonized by machines or robots and supposed to be guarded , roamed or surrounded by batallions of terminators, that I was the only part I was quite not happy.

And one more thing I do not know if it's the movie house that I watched at or the movie itself, the soud effect was so deafening, especially with gun fighting screen and with the aircrafts are atatcking or something. very irritating. That's it.

But over all it was a great movie. I like Christian Bale in this movie. I do not know why lots of people do not like Bale acting in this movie and would rather watch him acting behind his mask.

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