iPhone 4S new TV Ad

iPhone 4S was just released in the Philippines by two telco giants Smart and Globe on December 16, 2011. We may already have an idea on what Siri is and how this works, but sometimes words are not enough for us to fully understand how this iPhone 4S-exclusive feature works.

Below is the Apple's newly released holiday-themed TV ad for iPhone 4s that stars Santa. Hit the "play" button to see and find out an overview how this amazing virtual assistant gets the job done.


How to use Siri?

How to use Siri?

1. Simply hold down the "Home" button on your phone.
2. You should hear two quick beeps and see a "What can I help you with?" display on screen.
3. Start speaking right after that, you will know Siri hears you when you see the microphone icon lights up.
4. That's it, just wait for Siri's response.

You may visit Apple's Siri FAQs page to learn more about this amazing virtual assistant to date.

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