Globe Immortal is Back

Good news to all Globe subscribers who loved the Immortal plan when it was first released a couple of years ago. Globe is now bringing the Immortal Text back. This time the no-expiry promo comes in two choices, Immortal Trio and Immortal Text.

Immortal Trio: 
50sms to Globe and TM
5 sms to other networks
5-min call to Globe and TM
Php 25/subscription

Immortal TXT:
25sms to Globe and TM
5sms to other networks
Php 15/subscription

How to register? Simply dial *143# on your handset (free of charge) and choose the promo you want to subscribe to. You can also use the *143# with some other transactions or Globe promos. You can enjoy the Immortal Plans at anytime with no expiry date, just maintain a Php 5 airtime balance. Visit the Globe ImmortalTxt Page for additional information.

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