Play Snake Like it is 1997 On Your Smartphone

Do you still remember the make and model of your very first Nokia phone?Probably a Nokia 5110.  What about the first Nokia game you ever played? Most probably the Snake. Me yes, and I got addicted to it as soon as I learned how to control the snake using the keypad.

Play Snake like it is 1997. This is a remake of the original Snake, complete with dot-matrix display and monotone sounds, as what the game's description states.

Photo Credit: Android Market

Snake '97 takes us back to time, it is the Angry Birds of yesterday. Re-play and re-live the moments where you tried hard to keep your "snake" moving and beat the previous longest snake record of yours or a friend.

You can download Snake 97 for free from Android Market, for only $0.99 from iTunes App Store and WindowsPhone Marketplace.  Now I wonder when the Space Impact is gonna come out.

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