What Do Call Center Agents Do In A Call Center?

Most of the people I encountered asked me the same question, "What do you do in a call center?" and this was also the same question I had in mind when I first heard about this kind of job.

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We simply answer customer's call and provide assistance they need about a product they purchased or subscribed to from the company we represent. Call center agents are also called customer service representatives (CSR) or technical support representatives (TSR). CSR are mostly from non-technical support department such as billing or sales department.
Let me give you some scenarios or an overview about what a customer or billing representative does, say for example a customer is calling about their bill and wants to know why it is higher than their regular monthly bill or payment (a very common scenario in a billing department), the representative would access customer billing information and just explain the charges on the bill and tell customer if there are additional charges that was generated during the billing cycle.

For  Technical Support Representative, they help customer troubleshoot or fix a technical problem, an example would be an internet connection problem. They troubleshoot or give instructions to customer over the phone to fix a problem. Those are the two examples of tasks of a call center agent. 

The most common way agents communicate with the customers is via telephone, some other form of interacting with customers are through Email or Chat.  

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