Angry Birds Space Now Available For Download

It is finally here and we will be taken into the space. Angry Birds Space has been launched and made available to download from iTunes and Google Play since March 22, 2012. In partnership with NASA, Rovio's Angry Birds Space is made possible and came to life for all the Angry Birds lovers all over the world.

Free of charge to download from Google Play for all Android devices and at $0.99 for all iOS devices from iTunes. Continue the journey and destroy the fortresses of those green-colored pigs with new super powers, new birds and new abilities. Let's see how are we going to deal with the gravity while in the outer space.

The newest Angry Birds spin-off is also available for PC and Mac computers.

What can we expect from this Space version of the Angry Birds? According to Google Play page of the game, it features...

- 60 Interstellar Levels
- Regular free updates
- Brand new birds and superpowers
- Zero-gravity space adventures
- Trick shots using planet's gravity
- Hidden bonus levels
- Beautifully detailed background

See the how the Angry Birds Space's story began below.


  1. I have downloaded this game from Google Play. It's more addictive than the previous ones. ;)

  2. Good for you! How is it so far?