MAN OF STEEL: New Logo Revealed

I have not heard any updates about the latest project of Zack Snyder "Man Of Steel" until couple of days ago. A new logo/emblem of latest Superman movie "Man Of Steel" was just released by Warner Bros. through the movie's official Facebook page. Currently set up as a banner or cover photo of the FB page, as what is shown above. What can you say about it?

I am not really a fan of this man from the planet Krypton, it is because of the director Zack Snyder I am excited about this upcoming movie. You maybe already asking, "who the heck is Zack Snyder?" He is the man behind my all-time favorite epic-fantasy-history movie "300", the same gifted and skilled director who made movies like "The Guardians Of Ga'Hoole" and "Sucker Punch". For me he is one of the great directors of my time because of the way he "touches" his movie creations. A touch that I have not seen from any other directors, it is the graphics of the movie and how every action-packed scene is executed. If you have not seen those movies I mentioned above, try seeing them when you have time and see for yourself what I am talking about.

I like the new photo teaser for Superman film, the texture of the iconic "S" shield and the steel-ness of the title artwork. So far two photos have been officially released by the Warner Bros. on their Facebook page, see the other one below. I hope to see more updates within the next quarter, this time I am looking forward to a video clip teaser trailer.

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Man Of Steel is due to release in June 2013 with Henry Cavill to star as Clark Kent/Superman and Amy Adams as the Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane.

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