Tips On Basic Call Handling

Every call you answer and every conversation you have with a customer is recorded no matter how long or short the call is. Some accounts or campaigns require a customer service satisfaction survey, this is to rate the support that was provided to them by the recent representative they just talked to and how was the call handled by the agent. This is to make sure that every employee is doing their job and to focus on things that an agent needs to improve on to provide best customer service experience possible. Success of each employee is also the success of the whole company.  The more they get satisfied customer the more chance they get more customers through word of mouth. 

We know that customers are the backbone of every business, no customer means no business and that may lead to joblessness. When a customer purchases a product or subscribes to a service from a provider, the business with them does not end from there. "After sale" support still needs to be provided to customer and this is also the most important part of doing business with a them, the better the support is the more the customer will keep coming back. 

Most service providers give customer support via telephone with live customer service representatives. If you want to become one of them or if you happen to be one of these customer service support agents, this article may help you in terms of providing excellent customer service. These tips were given to me to improve on this matter and it helped me a lot to get more positive feedback from customers I have talked to and get more passing survey scores. I hope this will help you too. 

1.  Answer a call promptly with a happy tone. First impressions last, majority of instances if not all. Our coaches said the first one minute of the call is the most crucial part of the whole conversation with a customer. If you start the call with an upbeat tone, customer will feel relieved and may feel that they got a best customer service associate.

2. Listen to customers. Listening actively to a customer is also an important thing to have. If you fail to get what the customer was saying, this can ruin your entire call. Nobody wants to repeat what they just said and you can agree with that. 

3. Acknowledge customer's concern and paraphrase if needed. Apologize if customer has experienced inconvenience with a product or service and assure them that you will help them. If customer just said too many information, do not hesitate to paraphrase what they were saying. Paraphrasing is not the same as parroting as what I was told numerous times. Paraphrasing is you summarize what a customer just said in your own words and not repeating every thing word for word. 

4. Provide a solution or answer right away. Once you have understood the customer's concern or question and identified the right resolution, provide it immediately. Remember, upbeat tone should be maintained through out the call. 

5. Refrain from putting customer on hold. Do not put them on hold if possible. Try keep them on the line with you while you look for a fix to the their problem or an answer to their inquiry, that will lessen customer's frustration especially if they have been calling multiple times for the same issue. And if you really need to put them on hold, I was taught to always remember I-EAT method. I-nform, E-stimate, A-sk permission and T-hank customer. Inform them why you need them to place on hold, estimate as to how long they will be on hold,  Ask or get permission from customer to do so, when they say OK, say thank you.

There might be some other tips out there that can help you improve on your customer service skills. If you happen to know more and want to give additional tips about this, feel free to post a comment below. 


  1. Hey, great tips! I work for a call handling service and we always say to answer the phone with a smile on your face. Now this might sound a little silly, and you may feel a strange at first but it really helps. I always think you can almost hear when the person on the other end of the phone is smiling, which is nice!

    a call handling assistant

  2. Hi Melanie! You are absolutely right, answering a call with a smile really helps and yeah customer can notice it. Thanks for sharing girl! :D

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