Titanic 3-D Coming To Theaters This Saturday

After 15 years since it was first shown to the world, the Titanic movie is now back again on big screen and this time it's in 3D. This coming Saturday April 7, 2012 Titanic 3D will be released in cinemas to commemorate RMS Titanic's 100th year Anniversary of its sinking in April 1912. 

 Before we see the movie again starting this weekend let's take a quick look at some interesting facts about this epic-tragedy movie created by James Cameron. 

- With a budget of $200 Million, the cost of this movie was more than the Titanic itself. According to IMDB.com, to build the ship between 1910 and 1912 it would cost around $7.5 million and in 1997 the same ship would be between $120 and $150 million.

- The first movie to gross more than $1 billion and remained the highest earning movie of all time until it was replaced by the "Avatar", the same film by James Cameron that grossed $2.7 billion.

- The most expensive movie to be filmed in 20th century (at $200M). 
- It cost $18 million to convert the original film into 3D version. 
- The line that was said by Jack "I'm the king of the world!" was voted as 4th of  The 100 Greatest Movie Lines by Premiere in 2007. 

One of the scenes I liked at the end part

 I wanna see this movie in 3D as soon as it hits cinemas this Saturday and let's see if it will still make some "noise" again as it did back in 1997. I admit that I have been waiting for this movie to come out again, to see and relive the past through this one. When I first saw this movie back in the days of my youth, I said to myself right away that "this would be my favorite film" even though I did not understand yet at that time, it's because of the emotion of the movie and how every scene was executed (not only the nude painting scene but everything) that made me say that.  

And oh before I forget, did you know that our very own comedy king Dolphy also created a movie with a title that sounded like Titanic? It's "Tataynic" which I think came out in 1998. I am now wondering if that Tataynic movie will also have its own special showing when Dolphy celebrates his 100th birthday. 


  1. Wow. I am excited to see it today!

  2. Good for you! I hope you enjoy it :D