Wrath of the Titans, First Impressions

Finally I was able to see the Wrath of the Titans yesterday after so many plans before. It has been showing in cinemas since March 29, 2012 obviously a lot of movie goers have seen this before I did. Anyway I would still like to share my opinion about this sequel to the Clash of the Titans.

Since I like this kind of movie, I find it more satisfying than the previous one and I enjoyed the watching the movie overall. I did not see any point in the film where I felt a little bored as it is a fast-paced one, might be due to its running time of 99 minutes. Some of the scenes I like in the Wrath of the Titans are everytime Kronos is shown on the screen, especially the rise of Kronos part. I could feel the wrath of Kronos and how destructive he would have been if he was completely set free from Tartarus and was not destroyed. The giant Kronos does not have any lines or dialogues in the movie but he breathes aloud and that's enough for me to say I would rather die than seeing his face to face. That's a big plus to my satisfaction, how the movie creators portrayed the Titan father of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon in this film.

Like what I mentioned above this film is only a 99-minute movie and any movies I watch that are less than two hours is kind of not enough for me especially if it's one of my most anticipated ones.

Wrath of the Titans stars Sam Worthington as Perseus the half-human half-god son of Zeus who played by Liam Neeson. Hades is portrayed by Ralph Fiennes the same man who played Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter films, Edgar Ramirez as Ares the other son of Zeus.

Movie synopsis:

A decade after his heroic defeat of the monstrous Kraken, Perseus - the demigod son of Zeus - is attempting to live a quieter life as a village fisherman and the sole parent to his 10-year old son, Helius.

Meanwhile, a struggle for supremacy rages between the gods and the Titans. Dangerously weakened by humanity's lack of devotion, the gods are losing control of the imprisoned Titans and their ferocious leader, Kronos, father of the long-ruling brothers Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. The triumvirate had overthrown their powerful father long ago, leaving him to rot in the gloomy abyss of Tartarus, a dungeon that lies deep within the cavernous underworld.

Perseus cannot ignore his true calling when Hades, along with Zeus' godly son Ares (Edgar Ramírez), switches loyalty and makes a deal with Kronos to capture Zeus. The Titans' strength grows stronger as Zeus' remaining godly powers are siphoned, and hell is unleashed on earth.

Enlisting the help of the warrior Queen Andromeda (Rosamund Pike), Poseidon's demigod son Agenor (Toby Kebbell), and fallen god Hephaestus (Bill Nighy), Perseus bravely embarks on a treacherous quest into the underworld to rescue Zeus, overthrow the Titans and save mankind.

Jonathan Liebesman directs the film from a screenplay by Dan Mazeau, David Leslie Johnson and Steven Knight, based on a story by Greg Berlanti, Johnson and Mazeau.

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