You Can Now Download Instagram For Android

It was a surprise for me and I didn't knew it would be released this way. The then-iOS-only Instagram has now been made available to download for Android devices. But since it is now here, let's just enjoy its cool features.

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 All we knew several weeks ago was that the famous photo-sharing app would be available "very soon" to Android powered devices, no definite date unlike other newest popular apps such as Angry Birds Space and Temple Run. Temple Run's story is the same as Instagram, which was previously released and only available for iOS gadgets.

With the Android release of this Instagram, we won't be able to tell now who is using iPhone and who is using Android. Before, when someone shared a photo via Instagram you would identify right away that they were using an iOS device.

For those who just met Instagram, it is a mega-popular photo sharing app that was made popular through iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Once photo is uploaded on Instagram you can use cool photo filters to add some color effects on photo then you can share it to all Intagram users (online). Photos can also be also shared on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to get it you can go to Play.Google.Com and download it for free.

Then if you can still find time, share us your experience or what can you say about this Android version of Instagram. It was promised by the creators of this app that Android version would be a lot better than its iOS counterpart. Let's see if they kept their promise.


  1. I was able to download it on my phone but whenever I upload a photo it always says "photo too small". Ayun uninstalled na lang.

    1. Sounds like an early-launch bug to me.