Google To Announce Their Own Tablet PC?

Couple of weeks ago Microsoft unveiled their own tablet computer named "Surface" after so many rumors about it previously. Now rumors are around again and this time it is talking about Google Nexus 7 the
rumoured name of the search engine giant's tablet.

The Bloomberg reported that Google will announce the 7-incher Nexus tablet at a Google Developers Conference that will be held on Wednesday. Gizmodo Australia posted on their website the rumoured
specs of the Nexus 7 that is to be manufactured by Asus. It will also be loaded with Android's newest flavor Jelly Bean, according to the reports, 1GB of RAM with a quad-core processor under its hood. Two variants may come out, an 8GB internal memory space one that is most likely to be retailed for less than $200 and another with 16GB for around $250.

Let's wait and see until Google confirms everything, then we'll decide if it will worth our hard-earned money.

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