Smart Offers Free and Unlimited Facebook Access

You read it right! Smart communications has a treat for all of its subscribers and is once again giving us free unlimited Facebook access on any mobile phone we may have. Wether it is a smartphone or a feature phone as long as it is capable of connecting to the internet. All we have to do is text "FB" to 211 then we will receive a reply that contains a link to download the Facebook application (for java or smartphone). It may require us to have at least Php15.00 regular load to be able to complete the download process but it is free of charge. Once the app is downloaded we can now enjoy the free Facebook access.

We won't be billed for any extra data fee for as long as we stay within the Facebook network. If you click on any link, image or video that leads you to another website it will cost you additional charge.

If you will be having problem downloading the Facebook app, you may go directly to on your phone's built-in browser to start accessing the free unlimited Facebook.

Things to remember:
1. Php1.00 is the maintaining balance
2. If you are using your mobile phone's built-in browser, it is best
to set as your default homepage
3. This offer is for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers
4. Standard browsing fee outside Facebook is Php10 per 30min
5. Promo is until July 8, 2012

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