Pay Manila Water Bill Using Cellphone via Smartmoney

For some unknown reason somebody in our house forgot to pay the water
bill from our provider, Manila Water.

All of us were surprised when a utility man from the water company
appeared in our doorstep. With him was the water bill, attached was a
small piece of paper with large letters in red that say DISCONNECTION

Good thing I had enough balance left in my Smartmoney account as I use
this to pay my internet and phone bills. That's because I don't like
travelling ang lining up in long queues just to pay my bills. Thanks
to Smartmoney, shopping and paying bills had never been this

Let me take this opportunity to share to you how I was able to pay the
bill and save our water line from being disconnected.

Things you need:
1. Manila Water Biller Code (05025)
2. Manila Water Contract Account Number (8 digits)
3. Smartmoney account must be activated and linked to your phone.

How To Pay:
- Go to "Smart Menu"
- Select "Smart Money"
- Choose "Pay Bills"
- Then "Others"
- Enter the 8-digit Manila Water Contract Account Number.
- Select Smartmoney Account to pay from
- Enter amount you wish to pay
- Then Key in your Smartmoney w-PIN
- You should receive a text message confirmation. Keep it for your records.

And that's it. You're done!

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