Are We Going To See Another Kindle Fire Tablet?

On thursday the biggest online retailer store sent out invitations to its September 6th event to be held in Sta. Monica California. No one knows as to what the topic would be about in this media conference. Now everyone is asking, is this going to be a new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet launch? The same thing I asked the first time I read the news.
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The very first Android tablet of was the Kindle Fire which was also unveiled in September of last year and it was the most successful tablet ever released by the eCommerce website. And the most
attractive feature of this tablet was its retail price, $199.

Rumours are saying that the next Kindle tablet would be thinner, lighter and faster than the first one. It is also reported that Amazon is building a Kindle Fire as big as 10 inches, and that would be a direct attack at Apple's iPad device. Even an Amazon smartphone is in the speculation being talked about around the web. Whatever and whichever is the truth, we won't be able to confirm it until that set date.

Aside from Amazon, Apple, the most valuable company ever, will be having a press conference event on September 12, where they are expected to release the next iPhone, iPhone 5 as what people call it.
Not just an iPhone 5, but also an iPad smaller version or iPad Mini is expected to be revealed on the next Apple keynote event. A very exciting month I must say.

Last but not the least, Samsung Electronics which is Apple's toughest competitor in smartphone and tablet market, has also a surprise to all its followers this coming August 29, 2012. To compete Apple's much
anticipated iPhone 5, Samsung is said to be unpacking the Galaxy Note 2, one of Samsung's greatest and most adored Galaxy devices.

Now if Amazon would realy reveal a smartphone with a very competitive specs and price, then it would be a royal rumble of smartphone this coming holiday seasons. We'll see.

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