My Questions About This Smart LTE Data Plan

After months of being in beta mode with a few chosen ones as testers, finally Smart Communications announces that the official launch of the Smart LTE which will be on August 25, 2012. LTE or Long Term Evolution is the newest cutting edge wireless technology to be commercially available in the Philippines. It will be the latest member of the current of the wireless connections we already have such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA+, WI-MAX etc.

The newest technology offered by the leading and biggest Philippine telecommunications company boasts a whopping download speed of up to 42MBPS.

Now you may already asking how much it will cost you if you want to avail the service. Just like any thing that is "new", it is quite expensive. Smart offers the fastest data connection service at Php3,500 per month. Wait there's more, with a data download limit of 10GB. So that's P3,500 per 10GB of data per month.

For us, that is really an expensive one. But according to, one of the local blogs, it's still more affordable than other countries' LTE data plan. The blog says, for example Singapore and Japan, they offer 4G or LTE wireless service between P2,100 and Php3,400 for a 3GB of data  and US for around Php500 for every Gigabyte. One more thing, when you subscribe to this plan you will get a Smart-branded LTE Dongle worth Php8,000.

So far those are the information available to us for this Smart LTE. The rest will most probably be unveiled at the launch event, on the 25th of August.

With that said, here are my current questions regarding this one.

1. What will happen after we used up the 10gigabytes data?
1.1 Is Smart just going to cut-off my connection after the allocated data?
1.2. Or we will have an option to buy more data to keep our connectivity?
1.3. Are they (Smart) going to throttle down our download speed
after using 10GB?

Whatever the answer is, we will know on or after August 25, 2012.

If you are interested in attending the Smart LTE Launch event on Agust 25 you may go to Smart website to register and download the event invite.

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