Samsung Announces Galaxy Note II at IFA 2012

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So it is confirmed! August 29, 2012 at the IFA event in Berlin, Samsung confirms the existence of the much awaited and bigger Galaxy Note 2. When I saw the new G-Note II and its machine configurations,
it's epic! Galaxy Note has always been at the top of my tech list. I wonder when I can get one.

One thing I noticed about the two Notes, the first one looks like Galaxy SII then now the Note 2 is like a bigger Galaxy S3. Galaxy S lines and Note are the hottest phones from the Korean company selling
millions and millions of units making Samsung the king in smartphone kingdom.

According to reports, the previous Galaxy Note has been purchased more than 10 million of its units worldwide since release date last year. And because of that, Samsung is very confident that the updated Note will outsell its predecessor.

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Based on the announcements, this newest flagship phone of Samsung will run the latest Google's Android 4.1 or the JellyBean operating system and will be powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core processor under its hood.
The rumors were also confirmed that Note 2 would have a slightly bigger frame at 5.5 inches compared to the original one's 5.3 inches. With a Super AMOLED HD display and resolution of 1280x720, this will
surely melt my eyes in awe.

Back camera at 8MP with the front one at 1.9megapixel. 16,32 and 64GB will be its available size options accompanied by a 2GB or RAM.

The longer the battery life, the longer it pleases us. That's why Samsung made it bigger this time, with a 3,100mAh battery, the old one has 2,500mAh, so imagine the difference.

The S-Pen is also upgraded on this one sporting the pop-up note app, that is automatically launched when you pull out the S-Pen from the device allowing us to take down notes instantly while running any other apps on screen.

Two things Samsung did not mention at the event, its prices and availability date worldwide. But it was confirmed that by October, Americans will be the first to get their hands on the new Galaxy Note
2. This is, I think because of two reasons. First is to compete iPhone 5 which is said to be unveiled by Apple next month and a possible October release and another one is because a court in the US will not
consider the protest of Apple to ban Sammy's products until December 6.

In the Philippines, Smart communications is the official carrier of GNote, but I am already thinking that its rival Globe Telecom may also show interest in carrying this phable t(Phone+Tablet).

Now I can't wait to have my very first Galaxy Note. Hello sponsors! :D

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