Samsung Unveils Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 at IFA 2012

IFA 2012 was one of the most looked forward to electronics events this 2012 as everyone in the tech world was expecting Samsung to announce the next generation Galaxy Note. And yes Samsung did reveal to the world the existence of another beast phone from the Korea-based tech company. But everyone was even surprised when Sammy did not announce just the Galaxy Note 2 but also another member to the Galaxy line. This  time it's the Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100. Yes, you are right, Galaxy means an Android gadget. And this one is an Android 4.1 Jellybean-powered camera.  

This is the Samsung Galaxy Camera announced at the IFA 2012 Electronics Event in Berlin on August 29, 2012. If a phone running a Google-based operating system called a smartphone, this Galaxy Camera maybe called a smartcamera, I guess.

Like a typical gadget or smartphones in particular, this new breed of camera has also what we call specs. See below.

>> 4.8 inches HD Capacitive TouchScreen Display
>> 1.4GHz Quad-code Processor under its own hood will run the magic while you capture that moment
>> MicroSIM slot for 3G/4G Connectivity. ( I remember back in the days when smartphones were not in the wild yet, I used to joke around that my camera phone was connected to the internet 24/7 and it auto-uploaded all pictures taken to my Friendster account :D ) And it looks like that's going to be a reality on this one.
>> 1650mAh Battery
>> 16.3 Megapixel
>> 21 Times Optical Zoom
>> Wi-fi connectivity

The same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, this Camera's retail price was also not mentioned but based on the features that it sports I am thinking of price close to P30k. This gadget will start hitting markets in October of this year.

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