Smart iPhone 4S Now Free at Plan UnliData 2000

Smart Communications just dropped its iPhone 4S price. Previously, the iPhone 4S (16GB) under UnliData Plan 2000 had a cash-out fee of Php2,500. Today you can bring home the iOS smartphone without a cash-out under the same data plan.

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Above is the updated image at Smart's iPhone plans webpage. One of the main reasons, I think, why they decided to cut some fees on this most successful smartphone is because most people in tech world even the consumers are expecting Apple to announce the next iPhone generation, they refer to it as iPhone 5. 

Apple, according to, sees a decline in its iPhone sales whenever they are coming to this time of a year where they are expected to release a new iPhone. So to push more sales for current iPhones, lowering the price is always at the top of the list. Even me, if I plan to buy a new phone and I have a budget for it I would really wait for the next announcement especially if almost everyone is talking about its coming.

When you subscribe to the Unli Data Plan 2000 aside from the unlimited internet surfing you also get 150 free minutes and 200 sms every month.

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