TeleTech is Hiring

Last Saturday I got a chance to talk to one of my previous colleagues and I found out that she was just hired by Teletech in Makati. If you have been in this industry it is very common that you have friends and previous office mates from almost every known call center company.

And when this scenario happens like you just saw a former co-employee, aside from "How
are you?" first thing you would ask is "Where do you work now?" And that's what I did.

She said her training will start next week and she was assigned to an Australian account or campaign.

Teletech is advertising that they offer compensation of up to Php22,000. "Up to" is becase your salary will be based on the account that you will be profiled to. In this friend of mine's case she was offered a Php16,000 as basic salary plus an account premium pay of Php5,000 so that's a monthly pay of Php21,000 and it does not include night differential and other account incentives if there are any.

If you are targeting to work in a BPO or call center but have not gotten any chance yet, you may want to consider applying to this company. Currently they have sites in almost every business location we may think of, and the type of accounts they handle are from customer service support to technical support.

To apply you may walk in to any of their recruitment sites. Click here to see their sites. You may also apply through their official Facebook page at

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