The Expendables 2 Tops US Box Office Weekend

The Expendables 2 debuted in North America over the weekend and it right away grabs the number one US box office spot from the leading Bourne Legacy which stars Jeremy Renner.

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CinemaBlend reported an over-the-weekend estimated earnings of the Stallone-led ensemble movie to be at around $28 million taking the top spot from Renner's Bourne with $17 million ticket sales.

While this second Expendables film is leading, it still did not surpass its prequel's opening revenue when the Expendables released in 2010 at $34 million. I'm not really surprised to see these figures. Like what I said in my previous post, I was not that impressed when I saw the first one, but movie critics see improvements on this sequel, which also I was expecting after seeing the outcome of the part one.

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I cannot say anything yet from my perspective about the TE2 as I have not seen it yet. Most of my Facebook friends liked the film especially how Chuck Norris (John T. Booker) played his role and one was not satisfied with what happens to Liam Hemsworth character (Billy the Kid).

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