Apple's New iPod Touch (5th-Gen) Announced

Along with the confirmation and introduction of the iPhone 5, Apple also announced new generation of iPod Touch. The new iPod Touch is the fifth generation one and its major upgrade is its screen, bearing the same size as iPhone 5's at 4-inches with Retina Display. The operating system gets upgraded too, now running an iOS 6 backed up by a dual-core A5 Chip processor so that means more powerful performance. Camera or iSight sports 5-megapixel. LED flash is also a plus that is able to record 1080p HD videos and can capture panoramic images just like again, the iPhone 5.

If you fell in love with the iPhone 4S' Siri, chances are, you will also on this new iTouch as Apple brings Siri to this device. First time ever, as you may have already noticed, iPod Touch comes in five different colors which are Black, Raw Aluminum, Blue, Yellow and Pink plus A (PRODUCT) RED will also be one of the options (Looks like they are inspired by Power Rangers to me). Every iTouch will include a loop or lanyard. That's a lot of treats for fanboys right?

At the event Apple mentioned that the price would start at $299 for a 32GB version while $399 for a 64GB variant. I checked the Apple Online Store today, it is priced at Php16.490 pre-order taking starts on Sept 14 (Today) I am not sure if this price is for the 32GB one.

iPod Touch battery life will last up to 40 hours music playback and up to 8 hours for watching videos. The front facing camera is at 720p and supports FaceTime HD over WiFi. I think people did not expect that Apple would make major revamps on this iTouch since almost everyone were too focused on rumors about the iPhone 5. If I won't be able to get an iPhone (because of price of course), I can run after the iTouch which will give me full iPhone experience, except mobile capability, at a lower price. To me it that's a surprise.

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