Globe Unveils 4G LTE Tattoo Black Plans

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Globe Telecom, two weeks ago, promised to roll out 4G LTE service sometime this month. But as of today, they have not confirmed its availability date yet. However Globe just unveiled 4G LTE Plans and
pricing through a blog post on their website.

LTE (Long-Term Evolution) is a next-generation wireless data connectivity service that offers a download speed of up to 100mbps, due to device(USB Stick) limited support, I guess, carriers in the Philippines only offer up to 42mbps.

Globe calls their LTE plans Tattoo Black and Tattoo Black Elite. Based on their blog post, the first plan will provide consumers a speed of up to 28mbps for a monthly fee of Php1,799 and the second one or Elite for up to 42mbps at a Php2,499 monthly rate. Both plans will come with free USB dongle and will provide a dedicated for customer support. I like that part, where 4G LTE users will have their own toll-free numbers to call for assistance. To me, that means better customer service experience, less wait-time on the queue and of course customer representatives that only focus everything about LTE service.

One important thing I noticed that was not mentioned in the blog entry, if there would be a capped usage per month/fee or not. But according to, a Globe representative confirmed to them that both plans will be on unlimited usage.

Comparing it to Smart LTE Plan which is for Php3,500/month for a 10GB Data allowance, I can say that Globe's is more appealing to me, not only because it is unlimited but also it gives me other option to get
a lower speed tier at a lower cost as I am not that kind of user who needs a speed of up to 42mbps, unless I run an internet-based business, a hardcore online gamer, or download a lot of files from the internet.

Just like Smart LTE, Tattoo Black will, initially, be available in limited areas in Metro Manila and those sites are still to be confirmed by Globe.

Once this service is out, then the next thing I will look forward to is the side by side speed tests of Smart LTE and Tattoo Black by bloggers. That's interesting and exciting.

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