I Saw the Total Recall, What Can I Say?

Colin Farrell in "Total Recall"
Actually I was impressed with how this 2012 version of the Total Recall was rendered especially with the visual effects. Many movie critics are not happy about the movie's remake finished product and mostly comparing it to the original Total Recall film that was released in 1990 starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Total Recall focuses on film's main antagonist named Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) who is a factory worker in one of the two nations, the United Federation of Britain. He lives in the Colony, which is based
on the map shown at the beginning of the film appears to be Australia. Quaid is with his beautiful wife Lori (Kate Beckinsale) whose later revealed as a UFB agent and is only tricking Quaid as his wife

Throughout the movie it is revealed that Quaid's real name is Carl Hauser, a highly-skilled agent of the UFB whose memory is replaced after he realized that the UFB are the bad guys.

The synthetic police force and the human police officers remind me of the Star Wars' Storm Troopers. The movie also tells me that white is the color of the future as what is seen at Quaid's apartment, the
police authority and other futuristic gadgets and vehicles. The palm-implanted phones are also cool to see on the big screen, but I don't want it to happen in the real world. I still prefer mobile phones with Super AMOLED display.

One of the other scenes I enjoyed watching is the chase scenes which this time reminds me of Bruce Willis and Mila Jovovich's The Fifth Element's chase sequence. Another thing I like about this kind of film
is that even though it is a fictional one, it still gives us the glimps of what the future will look like, best or worst.

This Total Recall film, while watching, made me think of other movies I have seen. Just like the scene at the lobby of Quaid's apartment where he and Melina (Jessica Biel) Quaid's love interest are being
cornered by the government troops. To me this tells me that they are borrowing from the Matrix or Inception. In this scenario the vicinity is surrounded by the police personnel, then Quaid's friend from the
Colony, Harry, is sent in to negotiate with Quaid to surrender or help him. Harry claims that everything they see around them is not real and only a part of his twisted fantasy, that in reality they are in a Rekall-operated room together with his wife Lori. Harry tells Quaid that the only way to wake him up is to shoot and kill Melina. But Quaid and Melina figure out that Harry is lying, Quaid kills Harry instead. Then Quaid and Melina flee to the Resistance hideout.

I have not seen the original Total Recall yet, which critics are saying is better than this new one. I will try to see it if I will have a chance to watch it.

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