PSY's Gangnam Style Now Guinness Record Holder

The record-keeping entity Guinness World Records announced that Psy's hit Gangnam Style is now the most "liked" video on YouTube ever. As of posting this viral video has garnered 2,295,987 likes taking over the throne that was once belong to LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem with 1,576,584 likes so far.

I admit that since hearing this song from It's Showtime where they play the chorus part of the song whenever there was a "waley" joke being thrown out by some of the show's hosts I started playing this Gangnam Style video whenever I get I browser on YouTube.   I like not just the beat of the song but also the humor in it especially the horse riding-like dance steps. And of course the whole music video is really an ear and eye catching.

Other international artists Psy has broken "most likes" records are Justin Bieber's "Baby" (1,330,536 likes), Adele's "Rolling in the Deep with 1,2484, 266 likes.

Psy's real name is Jae-Sang Park and most of us didn't know that he has been in the music industry for 10 years now and been releasing singles and albums until we heard this Gangnam Style music video of him that stormed the internet since since it was posted on Youtube in July.

"Oppan Gangnam Style" is the phrase being repeated many times in the song which according to Psy means "Girls, your big brother is Gangnam style". Gangnam is a posh district of Seoul, South Korea and Psy told ABCnews,go,com, it's like the Beverly Hills of Korea.

I was even surprised when I stumbled upon one of the Gangnam styles parodies and the one below is made by our very own Bogart the Explorer from Davao City.I know some of you already know who Bogart is. Enjoy.

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