Apple Sends Invites To An Oct 23rd Event

On Tuesday (US time) Apple sent out invitation to the media for an October 23rd event to be held in California. Nothing says in the invitation letter but the phrase that goes like "We've got a little more to show you".

That gives us more hope that the iPad Mini, which has been the main theme of most tech rumors in the web is actually in existence and just about to be made public. Many expect that Apple, the most valuable company, will unveil a smaller version of its most successful iPad tablet which everyone refers to as the iPad Mini.

iPad Mini will, reportedly, measure its screen about 7.8 inches diagonally, this sounds a competition to Google's Nexus 7, Microsoft's Surface tablet and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

If my memory serves me right, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs said he did not like the idea of a smaller iPad than what it is right now which has 9.7-inch screen. I think they (Apple) dismissed the plan to release a mini iPad until they saw how successful the Kindle Fire was when it was released by Amazon last year.

If Apple would "minify" the price tag too, that would be awesome especially to those who have been wanting to own an iOS device but still cannot afford to buy one because of its current price.

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