Disney Acquires LucasFilm

When I was browsing my wall on Facebook this morning, I was quite when I saw the status update by Star Wars as I am one of the "likes" on their page. They announced that LucasFilm agreed to be acquired by another entertainment giant in the same industry, Disney.

LucasFilm founded by George Lucas together with the entire Star Wars franchise will now be owned by Disney. According to Collider.com, the house of Mickey will acquire LucasFilm for a price tag of $4 billion.

Aside from that one, there is also another news that was announced which will excite us more especially those fans of the Star Wars Universe. There will be another Star Wars Trilogy starting from Episode 7. The even more good news about it is the 7th episode of the film is already in the works and is set for a 2015 release, that would be the same year Avengers 2 and Justice League planned release by their respective creators and producers. I see the acquisition as a positive event as we can now expect more of the Star Wars movies, TVs and other projects in the coming future. Collider.com also mentioned that the new Star Wars Trilogy is planned to be released every other year starting 2015, now that's more exciting.

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