Globe GOUNLI, The Strongest Unlimited Offer To Date

Everyone loves unlimited, including me. Unlimited texts, unlimited calls and unlimited browsing etc. This is where we can save some money especially if we text, call or surf a lot. And this is also the reason why Globe introduces yet another best unlimited offers and they call it "The strongest unlimited offer to date", GOUNLI.

Globe's GOUNLI promo comes with Unlimited Texts to ALL networks (Globe, Sun, TM, Smart and TNT), Unlimited calls to Globe and TM and Unlimited Facebook. The offers starts at Php30.00 good for one day. See other available denominations below.

- 1 Day for Php 30
- 3 Days for Php 80
- 7 Days for Php 170
- 30 Days for Php 750

There are two ways to register to this promo. The first one is through SMS using the following keywords GOUNLI30, GOUNLI80. GOUNLI170 and GOUNLI750 and send to 8888, the second one is by simply dialing *143# on your phone and go to "Choose your promo" selection. I use the dialing option a lot, I find it very easy and convenient way to get registered.

Once you receive a text confirmation that your GOUNLI promo is activated you can start texting. calling and browsing the Facebook right away.For making a call, no need to put any prefixes before the cellphone number just dial as what the number is, ex 0915-123-4567 and that's it. Remember, unlimited calls to Globe and TM numbers only.

For unlimited Facebook, two things you only need to keep in mind. First is you cannot use any applications for going to Facebook or else you are charged the regular browsing fee of Php5 per 15minutes, this means you can only your phone's built-in internet browser or the default browser. Second one is you will be billed extra for browsing any website outside of the domain. So be careful when clicking on the links that lead you to an outside-of-the-Facebook address whether it's a video, an image or an advertisement.

The not-so-good news about this promo is it is only offered to Globe Prepaid subscribers. Globe Postpaid and TM users are not eligible. The promo is available nationwide until December 15, 2012 and the all-time rule, maintain a P1.00 regular balance while registered to the GOUNLI.

To check the status, simply text GOUNLI STATUS to 8888 or dial *143# same selection.

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