Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

It was on Thursday (last week) in Germany when Samsung announced the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. The first time I heard about the rumour on this device, I thought everything would be the same aside from the physical size of the phone, I was wrong.

This mini S3 version the current flagship device of Samsung sports a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen display with a pixel arrangement of 800 x 480, that's from 1280 x 780 HD Super AMOLED of its elder Galaxy S3 brother. The design is very noticeable that it is from the bigger Galaxy S3, it is a little bit thicker than its predecessor at 9.9mm but lighter at 111.5 grams.. Let's see some other specs that it features and then you decide if the name Galaxy S3 Mini is the proper name for this one.

The Cameras were downgraded from 8MP to 5MP and the front camera on this S3 Mini is only a VGA one. Oh yes, the processor, it was halved on this one from 1.4GHz quad-core to 1Ghz dual-core CPU and the RAM remains the same at 1GB. It also supports microSD card that can expand storage space to up to 32GB on top of the default 8GB or 16GB. Unlike the Galaxy S3 that comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwich mobile operating system, the Mini version will run the Google's latest OS Android Jelly Bean right out of the box. The battery is also downgraded from 2,100mAh to 1,500mAh.

To me this is a good idea releasing a smaller version of the Galaxy S3 with 4-inch screen as some smartphone users just can't handle bigger ones like the previous S3 and the Galaxy Note, plus this is also a good move since Apple just released it's next generation iPhone that sells like a hot cake in the wild. However, the idea of getting everything "mini" does not sound good to me especially when they decided to call it Galaxy S3 Mini which a normal phone user like me would think it is just the smaller version of the S3 without trimming down the important specs. The price is not yet revealed, according to the Philippine release of this device will be in November. I hope the price tag would be "minified" too.

Without thinking the name of this newest gadget from Samsung, the specs are still pretty impressive especially to a normal user like me who mostly use a phone for internet browsing aside from texting and some calling activities. 


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