Facebook Tests a Photo Sync Feature With Select iOS Users

Back in the days when Friendster was the number one social networking site being used by most Filipinos, I used to joke around that my then-phone was capable of auto-uploading all pictures it takes to my
Friendster account right away. And I knew that one day it would happen.

Within the last 48 hours a lot of tech sites are reporting that Facebook is currently testing that kind of feature and the social giant calls it Photo Sync.

According to the news only select Facebook iOS app users are given the chance to enjoy the Photo Sync funtionality at the moment. This feature will allow all of the photos in our smartphones to be automatically uploaded to our Facebook account in a private or unpublished photo album. We can choose which photos we would like toshare once images are uploaded our FB account.

If you use the Facebook app iOS version and you see the Photo Sync option at the very bottom part of your Facebook photos section then you are one of the lucky chosen ones to try it.

To me this is going to be a big plus for the team of Mark Zuckerberg. Most Pinoys ( I know a lot ) love to take pictures with their phones and sometimes share those captured moments with their friends instantly. Not only that this will also serve as our cloud-based back up destination for the photos in our handsets in case we lose our phones.

What do you think about this newly in-Facebook service by the Palo Alto based company?

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