Google Launches Free Zone in the Philippines

We are lucky as Google, the search engine giant chooses the Philippines to be the first country to try their new service which is dubbed as Free Zone.

Google partnered with our local carrier Globe Telecom to bring the service to the Filipino mobile users.

Free Zone is a free internet access offered by Google and Globe where we can use Google's products such as Google Search, Gmail and their own social networking site Google Plus on our non-smartphone handsets. You read it right free of charge. But of course there is a catch.

We can use the Google search functionality and browse through the results page at no extra fee, it will cost us addition fee if we click on other links ( a pop-up message will be showed up informing us of the data charges if we decide to continue). Same thing with using the Gmail and Google Plus services. There is a special domain to be used to access the Free Zone and one thing to keep in mind while enjoying this wonderful offering from Google, we can only use our phones' default browser that means any third party internet browsers such as Opera Mini are not allowed or else we will have to pay for the internet access at a regular rate.I tried accessing the link on my Samsung Champ phone but I always get a "Time Out" error. I will try it again later.

This is exactly the same thing Facebook offers with the, as long as you stay within the domain name you won't charged.. Google also plans to roll out the Free Zone to other developing countries.

For more information about Free Zone you may go through here.

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