Google Play Now Tied With Google Plus

Google just rolled out a new update on its Google Play, formerly known as Android Market, this is any one who wants to comment or put a review on an app, book or movie in the Android store will have to log in first to their Google Plus account.

Gone are the days when we could post a review anonymously on Google Play. So from now on all the posters we are going to see in the site will be linked to their Google Plus account where their identities are revealed and this means something good to us. First is it will lessen the fake reviews we see on the Google Play store as like what was mentioned no more secret-identity posting is allowed, second is not just decreasing the fake ones also increasing the quality of each reviews being posted.   Good thing that the search giant implemented this as an Android user like me usually reads reviews first before downloading a specific application especially if it is not that popular but interesting to try.

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