Microsoft To Axe Windows Live Messenger and Promote Skype

Microsoft just recently announced that they are pulling the plug off the Windows Live Messenger and this will take effect starting the first quarter of 2013.
Most people use the internet for communication purposes and instant messaging desktop applications is one of the things we first fell inlove with. Some use Windows Live Messenger, some use Yahoo Messenger
and others use instant messaging applications that are less popular. So hearing this kind of news somehow breaks our hearts.

The move to shut down Windows Live Messenger is to give way and promote Skype. Skype was aquired by Microsoft last year for a staggering amount of $8.5 billion.

We don't have to worry as we will still be able to keep our Windows Live ID to Skype and all of the contacts we have will automatically be migrated to our Skype account. Just last month, Microsoft rolled out
its latest version of Skype. The Skype 6.0 now has the ability to transfer or migrate our contacts from Windows Live Messenger to Skype.

This Microsoft instant messaging will go offline in the first quarter of next year in all the countries in the world except in Mainland China.

Some of the great things I see when switching to Skype are its interoperability, Skype support all platforms such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. Plus screen sharing and video calling with our Facebook friends.

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