MMFF 2012: El Presidente: Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Story and the First Philippine Republic.

After the success of last years' entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story produced by Scenema Concept International, this year they created yet another world class quality movie for the 38th MMFF 2012, El Presidente: General Emilio Aguinaldo Story and the First Philippine Republic.
Image: El Presidente Facebook Page
As the whole movie title suggests, the motion picture tells the story of one of the Philippines' heroes who fought for our own independence General Emilio Aguinaldo. In a post on Manila Bulletin website on March 1, 2011 it says there that it took 12 years of research by historians Jose Mari Avellana and Jose Victor Torres including writing of the script by Roy Iglesias.  That means that everything we are going to see in this epic film is based on what has been written in the Philippines history in the time of Gen. Aguinaldo including controversies and all of the things he contributed to our country.

The main character is being portrayed by Jorge "E.R" Estregan who also played as Asiong Salonga in the Manila Kingpin. Cesar Montano as Andress Bonifacio, Nora Aunor will be Maria Agoncillo-Aguinaldo and Christine Reyes as Hilaria Del Rosario-Aguinaldo. El Presidente is directed by a multi-awarded film director Mark Meily (Crying Ladies and Baler).

The first time I saw the El Presidente theatrical trailer the first thing that came into my mind was the Manila Kingpin not just because Jorge Estregan is here but also because of the looks of the film. You can really say that the creator of this film is the same people and technology behind the Asiong Salonga story. I really admired how the Manila Kingpin was executed into a movie and if there are two 21st century movies from the Philippines I would to recommend the world so see that would be the Manila Kingpin and this El Presidente. In the trailer we see some added action stunts like guns and sword fight scenes, we even see Andress Bonfacio doing a man-to-man combat with what seems to be one of the Filipino characters and it is more epic than the previous Katipunero-themed films we had. The encounter or fight scene in the battlefield those slow motion moves remind me of he movie 300 when the Spartans were one by one slaying the forces of King Xerxes.  I will definitively see this movie in one of my favorite movie houses this Christmas and I hope that most Pinoys will also bring their entire family members and friends to watch this movie. It is not just about entertainment but also about educating and reminding our people how the Philippines got its freedom and how some people we know fought for it. Below is the official trailer for the El Presidente.


  1. Emilio Aguinaldo does. not deserve any recognision. He is a traitor and a murderer.

  2. Every story, good or bad, the good guys or the bad guys, has always their own version to tell. And I believe both sides are deserved to be heard their story.

  3. This movie is full of crap and historically untrue. Aguinaldo is an oppurtunist and a traitor. His political ambition and lust for power and money cost us the revolution. He ordered the assasination of Andres Bonifacio and his brother Procopio, to secure the leadership of the katipunan. He ordered the assasination of the greatest general of the Philippine Revolution Gen. Antonio Luna because Luna was a threat to him, Luna was gaining popularity because of his audacity and victories against the american forces. He was jealous and bitter. Because of Luna's death the american General Otis launched a decisive attack and gave a mortal blow on Philippine forces that sealed the fate of the revolution. If only Gen. Luna was there, he could have changed the outcome of the battle or at least prevented it from coming. History had already judged him, if only Aguinaldo chose to die in battle with the americans, he could have redeem himself and be forgiven for the crimes he committed against Bonifacio and Luna and the Filipino 0people

  4. He was not a traitor, but a hero.

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