Suzuki Cup 2012: War Elephants win Against Azkals

Last Saturday night I had no shift at work so I was able to watch Philippine's Azkals vs Thailand's War Elephants game as the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 kicks off.

The match was held at Thailand's Rajamangala National Stadium on November 24, it was locally covered live by AKTV here in the Philippines and the game started at 9pm.

As I expected, the match was intense where two of the Azkals players got cuts one was above the left eye (Phil Younghusband) and in the mouth (Juani Guirado). War Elephants took 38 minutes of the first half before acquiring their very first goal. The Thais' coach said it was not an easy game for them yet they were able to hit two goals before the first half ended leaving it with the score of 2-0 against Philippines men football team.

On the second half, the Azkals got a goal however the Philippine team which most of its players in this game were Europeans was not able to at least equalize the score and lost the match to the War Elephants with 2-1
end of the game score.

According to the last time Philippines beat Thailand was in 1972 and nothing followed since then. The inclusions of Europe-based players made the Azkals more popular, better and stronger
than it had been so we could not put away that the expectations on Azkals to win over Thailand were higher than before on this one.

Even though the Philippine football team was not able to grab the victory I could say and I saw it that they did their best and played the game very well, it's just that it was not for us yet.

The previous match on that opening night was Myanmar vs Vietnam and it ended up with a 1-1 draw score. The next match will be on Tuesday, Thailand vs Myanmar and Philippines vs Vietnam. On that day I have a
work to report to. I will just have to check the post game news.

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