Twitter Rolls Out Email Tweet Function


Twitter is making an update on its social networking site that will surely help increase the number of its users. The micro-blogging site introduces the "Email Tweet" which will enable users to share a tweet and email to anybody whether the recipient is a Twitter user or not.

Emailing a tweet is actually not a very new feature in the world of tweeting. Third party apps are already providing this kind of feature to Twitter users. This time the "Email tweet" will have its own button
on the Twitter website and according to reports the button will appear alongside with the Reply, Retweet and Favorite buttons under a "More" pull down option.

Twitter engineer said in a blogpost "You can email a tweet to anyone, whether they use Twitter or not, right from your Twitter stream or from the details view of any tweet. You can add your own comment, and
we'll send an email with your comments and the tweet together, just like that."

Other updates Twitter is making on their site is improving the search functions where photos, videos and news will have their own preview in the search results without having a user to click on the links.

As of posting, I can now see the Email Tweet function on my mobile phone, however it is not clickable yet.

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