Apple To Launch An iOS Smartwatch?

You may be already looking forward to the next iPad which is rumored to be unveiled this March of 2013. But the Apple-related rumors do not end with the next generation tablet as Chinese websites cite Chinese manufacturers sources saying that Apple is said to be preparing the next iOS device to be worn on our wrist, the iWatch as what some people call it.

According to the reports the iWatch will be bluetooth-equipped allowing it to communicate with other devices such the iPhone and most probably other iOS powered gadgets. When the Apple smartwatch is connected to your iPhone for instance, you will be able to receive and send text messages and email messages, make and answer phone calls and get Facebook notifications and even update your status while your phone is in your pocket or away being recharged.

The iWatch, as per rumor, will feature a 1.5-inch OLED touch screen display. Other possible features were not revealed though like if were to have its own internal storage space just like the other iDevices and what other things it will be able to do that other Apple product is not able to offer. Some tech analysts take this kind of news with a grain of salt because they don't think Apple will make such a move to create wearable technology gadgets like this smartwantch as there are no proven market success recorded with his kind of technology, some say this will be the next big thing Apple will be offering to its fanatics. Well to me the idea of remotely utilizing your iPhone using another Apple-created small device is such a nice thing to have especially when we are driving or when we are in our workplaces where phones are not allowed inside the office and we are waiting on an important call or text message.

Times of India says that according to the Chinese website Apple is reportedly working with Intel to create this iWatch and added that the iPhone manufacturer is going to release the smartwatch within the first half of 2013.

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