Facebook Makes Photo Sync Available to Android and iOS Users

Since August of this year Facebook has been testing the Photo Sync features with some Facebook for iOS and Android users which let users automatically upload their photos on their smartphones to their Facebook account. Well, the social giant company has made it available to all users both iOS and Android.

This newly launched feature by Mark Zuckerberg's social networking company is an optional one which means by default it is turned off on your Facebook app. Should you wish to turn Photo Sync on make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Facebook app on your phone, for iPhone users you must have the iOS 6 installed. 

There are two ways to activate this feature as per Facebook's Photo Sync Page:

1. From the app, simply go to the photos app then tap Photos and hit Sync at the bottom part of that section.

2. From a computer. Click Photos on your Timeline, then at the top of your photos section click Sync From Phone. 

Once it is synced, all of the stored photos on your phone will be auto uploaded to your Facebook account in a private album. From that private album you can select which picture you want to share to your Facebook friends. You can consume up to 2GB worth of photos. 

If you are concerned about data usage for this Photo Sync, do not worry becaseu Facebook has thought about that before making this feature widely public. There would be options for us to select Cellular Network and Wi-Fi connectivity or Only Wi-Fi. Additionally, when photos are uploaded under a cellular network photos will be in smaller size while the full size version of images for Wi-Fi connections. And this function will temporarily stop when your battery is running low.

Photo Sync is not available for non-smartphone handsets. 

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