Marquez Defeats Pacquiao: What Can I Say?

Honestly I still can't move on from that scene of Pacquiao lying on the canvas motionless while alot of people were around and checking him and seeing Jinkee crying from outside of the ring. That was a terrible and heartbreaking defeat, and it was very unexpected and sudden knockout and like what Marquez said after the fight "I threw the perfect punch", yes indeed it was.

I was on my way to our company Christmas party on December 9, 2012, had no time to see the fight as the party was to start as early as 5pm but we had to be there by 3pm for pre-party registration and some preparations. But when I was at the Farmers Plaza in Cubao. I saw a small crowd of men watching something inside an internet cafe and I knew right then and their what it was. So I decided to join them and see the fight online, it was already in the 5th round when I came but I had been checking my Twitter feed while on the way and already knew that Marquez was able to put Pacquiao down in the 3rd round.

The online live stream of the fight was good but not great, from time to time the feed would stop then would skip to another scene with a couple of second missing while the connection was lagging. No one was talking and everyone's eyes were on the monitor seeing if there would be something spectacular that would happen in favor of the Pinoy boxer. In the 6th round and around 4 seconds left before the round ended the feed stopped (as expected ), when the live stream started to roll again everyone was in shocked when the computer monitor showed Pacquiao being knocked out cold, facing the canvas, not moving.

It was heart breaking to see someone fall so bad, someone you idolize and you look up to. It was completely the opposite feeling when I saw how Pacman sent Ricky Hatton to the canvas and to his defeat. But I still admire Manny because after the fight he did not give out any excuses why that happened, he was still able to congratulate Marquez personally when he gained his consciousness back. He even said "That's boxing, sometimes you get a good hit".

If he (Manny Pacquiao) wholeheartedly accepted his fate in this fourth encounter with Marquez then there's no reason for us to also accept it and that's the way sports or game intended to be, there's always a loser and a winner and it happens on both parties. What's more important now is Pacquiao is okay and in good health nothing worse happened after the bout, most of us are still proud of him and he remains our true champion. There is just one thing I did not like when I heard it after the fight, tweeted that Bob Arum said a 5th fight is possible and Pacman also said that he is willing to go the fifth time with man from Mexico. Well it's their decision and whatever the outcome would be is still up to them but if a fan like me would be asked, I would say "that's enough, retire or move forward with another foe".

I also liked what Coach Freddie Roach said in an interview, that if Manny still wants to go back to gym, he will continue to train him and if he sees he is declining he will tell Pacman to stop.

With what happened in the Pacquiao vs Marquez IV fight, the same as other boxing fans and analysts, I doubt if the Pacquiao-Mayweather dream fight will still ever happen.

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