Twitter Outs its Own Photo-sharing Features

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On Monday Twitter launched its own version of photo-sharing service for Twitter users. Almost a week ago the Facebook owned Instagram stopped supporting Twitter cards which enable online content such as
photos to be accurately shown in the Twitter stream, making shared Instagram images looked cropped in the feed. Then on Sunday, Instagram updated its move to part ways with Twitter, all shared images from
Instagram are no longer showing in the tweet feed, instead a link will be displayed along with the tweet directing a user to Instagram's website to view the picture.

As a counter move (as what I see it) Twitter partnered with Aviary, a five year-old start up that also provides photo edits functions to other websites like Flickr and Twitpic, and released their own version
of instagram-like photo effects or filters. Users will be able to adjust the color of photos they want to share through filters, aside from applying filters to images, users can also crop, edit or auto-adjust a photo prior to posting.

The new Twitter features is available for both iOS-based gadgets and Android equipped smartphones. So make sure you update your Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android apps if you want to try this new
updates from microblogging site Twitter.

I understand the competition where every online-based business and service needs to have a huge amount of traffic or visitors to their website in order to monetize it, continue providing services and further improving it but sometimes these kind of moves or decisions hurt the consumers. A user like me wants all of my content especially photos to be stored in one server or website, with these updates I don't like to see my images being hosted by different providers, of course I can put a single photo under every provider but I don't like
it either.

I hope people wll never get tired of these changes that sometimes cause inconvenience instead of making our sharing experience as easy as 123.

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