Twitter Rolls Out Download Your Tweets Option

A little over a week ago Twitter launched their own Instagram-like features for their users to enhance photo colors by applying "filters" the same way the now-Facebook-owned Instagaram works, yesterday the microblogging site rolled out another feature that its CEO Dick Costolo promised couple of months ago, the ability to download our entire tweets history. For some atleast.

The Next Web reported that some Twitter users have been able to download their Twitter Archive. One of the first to report about the new options in their Twitter account came from @Philosophy where it says on its tweet "Go to Twitter settings. Scroll down to "Your Twitter Archive". Download all your tweets. Even your first. DO IT. DO EEET NOW!".

Unfortunately this option appears to be not available to everyone as of yet, I checked my own Twitter account and the link to download my tweets is not yet there. I remember Mr. Costolo said that this feature should be available before the year ends, well 2012 has not ended yet so they still have time. According to most reports, when you have that link in your Twitter settings account to download your archives, it actually does not give you an option to download and get your Tweets right away. When click on the link, it's like sending a request to Twitter that you want to have a download of all your Tweets from the very first time you posted one, then once the download file is ready you will receive an email containing the download link.

Once the "Your Twitter Archive" feature is activated in my account I will definitely try it so I can check what was my very first tweets and conversations with other Tweeps.  

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