Brad Pitt's Zombie Apocalypse Film World War Z

Yesterday I was with my friends watching Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway's musical film Les Miserables. Before the movie started rolling we got to see theatrical trailers of movies to come and most of the trailers shown were already seen by me aside from one, the World War Z.

World War Z stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a United Nations employee travelling across the world interviewing zombie apocalypse survivors and looking for ways to stop the worldwide zombie outbreak that is killing people around the world and threatening to end humanity itself. The new Pitt-starred movie is a motion picture adaptation of novel of the same name written by Max Brooks, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. The film is directed by Marc Forster.

According to reports, the film was originally set to release in December of last year but due to some re-shoots that needed to be done, the opening day was moved to June 2013.

After seeing the trailer, I said to myself that this would be a zombie movie to be watched for this year on the big screen. The hordes of zombies in this film are the scariest zombies I have seen in movies and TV series to date. I have seen rotting and slow moving zombies, then there were normal human-like moving zombies that could run like they were not undead.

In the World War Z, it's another level of zombie genre that we are going to see. Check the trailer embedded below for yourself to see what I am talking about.

The World War Z also stars Mireille Enos as Brad Pitt's wife Karin, Matthew Fox, James Badge Dale and David Morse. This is set to release on June 21, 2013.

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